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NewsFeed Microservice

NewsFeed - is a microservice that implements news feeds functionality. It is designed to be an easy-to-integrate, self-hosted, and self-sufficient solution.

Implementing news feeds functionality is not a trivial task. It's implementation requires buffering, background processing and data denormalization approaches. Such implementations could cost money and take time, while NewsFeed is a ready-to-go microservice that could be deployed on your infrastructure in minutes and then integrated to you application in a couple of hours.

The key features of the NewsFeed microservice are:

  • Simple, minimalistic, and easy-to-integrate API.
  • Self-sufficient.
  • Self-hosted.
  • Easy-to-deploy.
  • High performance.
  • Open sourced.
  • Documented.

Domain Model

  • NewsFeed - is a main and central entity of the model. It does not own any particular data, but owns the ID. NewsFeed is the "virtual" root aggregate of the model. It's state is mainly defined by events and subscriptions relations.
  • Subscription - is an entity that represents fact of subscribing of one NewsFeed to another. When a NewsFeed A has a subscription to a NewsFeed B, then NewsFeed A is called subscriber of a NewsFeed B. All events that are published to NewsFeed B will be visible in NewsFeed A since NewsFeed A is a subscriber of NewsFeed B.
  • Event - is an entity that represents information that is published to a NewsFeed. When Event A is published to NewsFeed A, Event A data is published to all NewsFeed A subscribers as new Events that would be pointing to original Event A through its parent relation.

Service Architecture

Microservices Architecture