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Coroutine providers

.. currentmodule:: dependency_injector.providers

:py:class:`Coroutine` provider create wrapped coroutine on every call.

:py:class:`Coroutine` provider is designed for making better integration with asyncio coroutines. In particular, :py:class:`Coroutine` provider returns True for asyncio.iscoroutinefunction() checks.


:py:class:`Coroutine` provider works only for Python 3.4+.

Example of usage :py:class:`Coroutine` provider with async / await-based coroutine:

.. literalinclude:: ../../examples/providers/
   :language: python

Coroutine providers and injections

:py:class:`Coroutine` provider takes a various number of positional and keyword arguments that are used as wrapped coroutine injections. Every time, when :py:class:`Coroutine` provider is called, positional and keyword argument injections would be passed as coroutine arguments.

Injections are done according to the next rules:


Examples of making injections could be found in API docs - :py:class:`Coroutine`.

Coroutine providers delegation

:py:class:`Coroutine` provider could be delegated to any other provider via any kind of injection.

Delegation of :py:class:`Coroutine` providers is the same as :py:class:`Factory` providers delegation, please follow :ref:`factory_providers_delegation` section for examples (with exception of using :py:class:`DelegatedCoroutine` instead of :py:class:`DelegatedFactory`).

Abstract coroutine providers

:py:class:`AbstractCoroutine` provider is a :py:class:`Coroutine` provider that must be explicitly overridden before calling.

Behaviour of :py:class:`AbstractCoroutine` providers is the same as of :py:class:`AbstractFactory`, please follow :ref:`abstract_factory_providers` section for examples (with exception of using :py:class:`AbstractCoroutine` provider instead of :py:class:`AbstractFactory`).

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