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This is a collection of my work during DevBootcamp
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DevBootcamp Portfolio Work

This repo is a collection of the challenges and projects I've written throughout my nine DevBootcamp. While I am proud of how much I've learnt and the work I've done, I also recognize that much of the code could be refactored and improved. This repo represents the journey and how I've progressed.


Week 1

Basics of Ruby.

Favorite Challenge:

  • Sudoku: After the first week of DBC, we built a Ruby application that would solve a Sudoku puzzle that does not involve guessing.

Week 2

Object Oriented Programming.

Favorite Challenges:

  • CLI Todo List: A simple Todo application in the commandline.
  • HackerNews Scraper: One of the first applications I built alone. It uses Nokogiri and scraps HackerNews for the neccescary data.

Week 3

SQL, SQLite, ActiveRecord.

Favorite Challenge:

Week 4

More ActiveRecord. Sinatra. HTML & CSS.

Favorite Challenges:

  • Dummy Users: A user sign up, user login application. This application was built to practice user authentication using bCrypt.
  • Sinatra URL Shortener: An application used to practice RESTful routes and url params.
  • Flashcards v2: A Sinatra flashcard application. This application requires user signup and provides analytics on the users progress when testing their skills with flashcards.

Week 5

Javascript & jQuery.

Favorite Challenges:

  • Simon Says: An javascript/jQuery application that randomly changes the color of a box.
  • JS Racer: A javascript/jQuery application that allows two users to race their squares across the screen with input from key presses.

Week 6


Favorite Challenges:

Week 7

Rails, TDD - rspec

Favorite Challenge:

Week 8

Rails, more JS, application optimization

Favorite Challenge:

  • Karma Ville: Too Slow: Challenged focused on improving the performances by using index and improving the database.
  • JS PostIt Board: An OOJS application that creates post-it notes on a board.
  • TDD Rails Polling: TDD Rails Survey application focused on practicing rspec and nested attributes.

Week 9

Final Project

  • Jailbird: Live Application My final project application. This app allows users to call one phone number to either connect with a contact from their address book, send a group text message, or a voice blast to a group of people. It uses Twilio's API and Devise and is built on Rails. I mostly contributed to building our hotline, the first-time user signup flow, and the javascript functionalities.
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