Simple library to enable host based rollouts of changes
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This library enables easy rollout of changes on a per host basis. The whitelist is stored in a data bag and can contain single hostnames or roles. Hostnames are checked first and can contain glob patterns to enable similarly named hostgroups. If none of the hostnames match, all roles in the roles array are checked whether the host has one of them applied.




First create a data bag item under the whitelist data bag and give it a descriptive name. You don't have to use the whitelist data bag but the library defaults to that name. Then add hosts and roles you want to enable for the rollout:

  "id": "my_whitelist",
  "patterns": [

And the same example with the addition of roles:

  "id": "my_whitelist",
  "patterns": [
  "roles": [

In your cookbooks you then have to add a dependency on the library cookbook in metadata.rb like so:

depends "chef-whitelist"

Now all the recipes can branch depending on inclusion in a specific whitelist with this simple statement:

if node.is_in_whitelist? "my_whitelist"
  # new hawtness
  # old stuff

If you don't use the default whitelist data bag and patterns key for hostnames, you have to adapt the call to include the actual names:

node.is_in_whitelist? "my_whitelist", "whitelist_databag", "hostnames"


  • Fork the project
  • Add your feature
  • If you are adding new functionality, document it in the README
  • Push the branch up to GitHub (bonus points for topic branches)
  • Send a pull request to the etsy/chef-whitelist project.

If you have questions, you can find us on IRC in the #codeascraft channel on Freenode.