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mod_realdoc is an Apache module which does a realpath on the docroot symlink and sets the absolute path as the real document root for the remainder of the request.

It executes as soon as Apache is finished reading the request from the client.

The realpath frequency can be adjusted in httpd.conf using:

<IfModule mod_realdoc.c>
    RealpathEvery 2

By resolving the configured symlinked docroot directory to an absolute path at the start of a request we can safely switch this symlink to point to another directory on a deploy. Requests that started before the symlink change will continue to execute on the previous symlink target and therefore will not be vulnerable to deploy race conditions.

This module is intended for the prefork mpm. Threaded mpms will incur race conditions.

Compile and install with:

apxs -c mod_realdoc.c
sudo apxs -i -a -n realdoc

or just

make install

Please note that if you're granting access to your document root using a symlink, that will stop working, unless expanding the symlink also in your Apache configuration.  If, for instance, your symlink is named "current" and your releases are something like "releases/20160519102200" (with "current" pointing to last release), you need to adapt your configration. 

# Old configuration (without mod_realdoc):
<Directory "/var/www/your_host/current">
    Require all granted

# New configuration (with mod_realdoc):
<Directory ~ "/var/www/your_host/releases/\d{14}">
    Require all granted

You need to adapt the regular expression \d{14} if you use a different schema from timestamp in your releases.

If you want to map incremental releases to two static docroot symlinks in order to re-use your opcache cache entries, you can set

UseReadlink On

This means that instead of calling realpath() it will call readlink() on the first symlink it finds in your configured docroot path. This means you can do:

/var/www/current -> /var/www/A -> /var/www/release-12
                    /var/www/B -> /var/www/release-13

Then when release-13 is ready to go live, flip the symlink to B. For PHP you are going to need the resolve_symlinks patch in order to only have /var/www/A and /var/www/B opcache entries. Without that patch PHP will call realpath() and you will have /var/www/release-* cache entries which means no cache re-use.

There is also a small optimization. Instead of just turning it on, you can tell it where to start checking for symlinks from in your docroot path like this:

UseReadlink /var/www/current

this saves a couple of lstat() syscalls.


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