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A dashboard to visualize the metrics produced by statsd-jvm-profiler.

This dashboard only supports the InfluxDB backend for the profiler. InfluxDB 0.13 is required, older versions are not supported.


Configuration is done with the dashboard-config.json file in the project root. An example (example-dashboard-config.json) is provided. You must provide values for all the keys in that example, which includes the information necessary to connect to InfluxDB and the base prefix for metrics.

The /config endpoint will return the current configuration.

Metric Structure

This dashboards assumes that you have configured statsd-jvm-profiler to put these tags on the metrics it produces: username, job, flow, stage, phase. You can use the tagMapping and prefix arguments to do so. The example FlowListener produces metrics in this format. <base prefix> is configured in dashboard-config.json, but the available values for the others are automatically pulled from the metrics that exist in the configured InfluxDB database.


It is assumed that you already have InfluxDB configured and running before setting up this dashboard.

  1. Clone repository.
  2. Open a command prompt, navigate to the folder, and enter: npm install
  3. Next, run the app by entering: node app
  4. Browse to http://localhost:3888


The homepage allows selecting the username, job, run id, stage number, and phase (map or reduce) from the available values. Clicking the "Render" button will display visualizations of memory usage and GC statistics. A flame graph can also be generated from this page.

Project Template

Kory Becker

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