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Metric namespacing

The metric namespacing in the Graphite backend is configurable with regard to the prefixes. Per default all stats are put under stats in Graphite, which makes it easier to consolidate them all under one schema. However it is possible to change these namespaces in the backend configuration options. The available configuration options (living under the graphite key) are:

legacyNamespace:  use the legacy namespace [default: true]
globalPrefix:     global prefix to use for sending stats to graphite [default: "stats"]
prefixCounter:    graphite prefix for counter metrics [default: "counters"]
prefixTimer:      graphite prefix for timer metrics [default: "timers"]
prefixGauge:      graphite prefix for gauge metrics [default: "gauges"]
prefixSet:        graphite prefix for set metrics [default: "sets"]

If you decide not to use the legacy namespacing, besides the obvious changes in the prefixing, there will also be a breaking change in the way counters are submitted. So far counters didn't live under any namespace and were also a bit confusing due to the way they record rate and absolute counts. In the legacy setting rates were recorded under stats.counter_name directly, whereas the absolute count could be found under stats_counts.counter_name. When legacy namespacing is disabled those values can be found (with default prefixing) under stats.counters.counter_name.rate and stats.counters.counter_name.count now.

The number of elements in sets will be recorded under the metric stats.sets.set_name.count (where "sets" is the prefixSet).