Additional graphite options to reduce overall stat counts when not needed #106

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Essentially, I was writing tons and tons of stats that I didn't need because of all the extra calculated stats that statsd::graphite pulls together. I wanted less, instead of commenting things out locally, I thought I'd turn them into options.

Three new options, pretty straight forward, see the diff and they are documented in the exampleConfig.js file.

This pull request passes (merged cd9daa5 into 4e4ed79).


mrtazz commented Jun 26, 2012

Great idea! Some corrections and performance improvements have been made in the graphite backend. Would you mind basing your Pull Request on top of those changes?

So, I updated my master from etsy/master, then I merged the master into this branch (went cleanly) and I guess the pull request now shows as much? Give it a try.

This pull request fails (merged 709c047 into 42ff275).

No fair, it failed because github was busted...

Using worker:

$ cd ~/builds
$ git clone --depth=100 --quiet git:// etsy/statsd
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Done. Build script exited with: 1

mrtazz commented Jun 26, 2012

awesome, thanks. Will do.

I'm looking into exactly the same issue - having lots of metrics calculated by StatsD that aren't required. Will this be added to the master in the near future?

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