Relax metric name sanitation based on a configuration flag #154

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This is not a general fix for #110, but it does provide a way to accomplish one of the use cases described in the issue:

For example, in the case of the Librato backend we would like a way to specify a
custom source parameter on a stat by stat basis. One thought would be to use a
prefix character, like (/), to separate the source name from the metric name

This flag can be used in conjunction with this patch to the librato-statsd-backend:

@mjr5749 mjr5749 Add a new top-level config flag 'relaxMetricNameSanitation' (default …
…false) that allows '/' characters in metric names to be preserved and passed through to backend plugins when metrics are flushed.
@mjr5749 mjr5749 referenced this pull request in librato/statsd-librato-backend Sep 14, 2012

Feature/per-metric source name #8


If someone wants to use the Librato backend and the Graphite backend simultaneously, won't this cause problems for Graphite if they set the config true? I'd say we probably want to stick with pushing this down to the backend. That way if someone has the metric name "", it could appear as <,> in Librato's backend and simply in Graphite.

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I agree with @mheffner here. I think pushing the sanitization into the backends is the better solution.

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Closing this in favour of #155

@mrtazz mrtazz closed this Oct 20, 2012
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