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Hello Etsy!

Dealnews ran into an issue where our VPN could not handle the amount of traffic that was being sent to StatsD from other data centers. As an alternative to sampling, we came up with the simple idea that StatsD could flush to itself.

Your feedback is welcomed!


Etsy, Inc. member

So you have multiple statsd collectors, which then flush to a central statsd?
Was the problem you were having at the VPN caused by the packet/sec rate being too high?


Correct. Our specific issue is a constraint that limits the number of open connections across our VPN.

Etsy, Inc. member

Hey there is now a backend which allows StatsD to flush to itself ( Which I take to be more or less the same behaviour?

Etsy, Inc. member

I think the now existing Statsd backend and repeater support supersedes this pull request. Sorry that it didn't make it in :(.

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