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in console.js the caching that is used for counters and timers sometimes creates a confusion during the development. I also faced an issue where the timers occupied a lot of memory and statsd eventually crashed. This commit now has a configurable caching in console.js. By default caching for counters in enabled while I disable timers caching.

@mrtazz mrtazz commented on an outdated diff Mar 23, 2013
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ function ConsoleBackend(startupTime, config, emitter){
this.lastFlush = startupTime;
this.lastException = startupTime;
this.config = config.console || {};
+ console.log(this.config)
mrtazz Mar 23, 2013 Member

this looks like a development debug statement, can you remove it?

@mrtazz mrtazz commented on an outdated diff Mar 23, 2013
, port: 8125
-, backends: [ "./backends/graphite" ]
+, backends: [ "./backends/graphite", "./backends/console" ]
mrtazz Mar 23, 2013 Member

can you add those changes to the stock exampleConfig.js file please? Also please only add it to the example comments and not to the actual configuration. We want to keep this part as simple as possible.


Hey @vireshas we decided to pull caching from the backend all together so no need to configure it any longer.

Also for the http (socket-io) backend there already exists one :
I have personally had a few people ask me for an example on how to use it. Can i suggest that you submit the html file and any related updates to that repo so that other people can benefit from the example html interface.

Or if its different enough from the current backend, feel free to create your own backend, and we'll add it to the supported backends list in the docs.


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