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Team TUBDAI submission for Multi Agent Programming Contest 2018

This is the submission for the Multi-Agent Programming Contest 2018 for the team TUBDAI. It applies the ROS Hybrid Behaviour Planner Framework (RHBP) on top of the ROS (Robot Operating System) framework.

Technische Universität Berlin - DAI-Labor -

Contest homepage:

Setup and Install


Graphhopper requires

sudo apt install maven default-jdk

mapc_utils requires

sudo apt install python-pip python-pandas python-urllib3

RHBP requires ROS. Follow instructions for ROS Kinetic here:

sudo apt install ros-kinetic-desktop python-pip pip install lindypy

Directory Structure

You can get the MAPC simulation server from as a release version.

  • mapc_workspace
    • src
      • rhbp
      • rhbp_self_organisation
      • mapc_rhbp_ettlinger: Main project folder
        • src: Source code
        • launch: Launch files
        • ...
      • mac_ros_bridge: ROS package that includes a proxy ROS node that works as a bridge between the massim simulation server and ROS. It converts all simulation perception and creates all required topics from the configuration.
    • script: Helper scripts to start massim
    • thirt-party: Thirt party tools
  • massim
    • massim-2018-*.*
      • server
      • ...

Clone and build

  1. git clone --recursive
  2. cd mac_workspace
  3. catkin_make
  4. Download the latest MASSIM release
  5. Adjust the script "script/script/" to use the correct release if necessary.
  6. If you want to use the RHBP rqt plugin you have to start rqt once with rqt --force-discover

Execution and further Documentation

massim Server

You can start the massim server with one of the following commands, depending on your workspace.

Using binary massim distribution with script/ Or running directly from sources with script/ The second option requires that you have once executed mvn install in the massim sources root.


  • Make sure the launch file src/mapc_rhbp_ettlinger/src/launch/start_big_prod_contest.launch contains the correct connection strings and credentials.
  • start the agents using roslaunch mapc_rhbp_ettlinger start_big_prod.launch