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Airbrake iOS Notifier Changelog


  • add new environment strings to differentiate between development and testing
  • add parameter to main start method to control display of crash prompt


  • all new public API
  • all new notice file format
  • raised support floor to iOS 4.0 and Mac OS 10.7
  • new method to log your own exceptions
  • use asynch reachability events
  • add notifications that mirror delegate callbacks
  • UDID is no longer automatically transmitted because it is deprecated
  • bug fixes


  • fix compile error caused by an incorrect import when building for iOS


  • add automatic environment name that sets its value based on the DEBUG macro


  • UDID is posted in all DEBUG builds by default
  • improved error handling to makre sure corrupt notices don't cause issues
  • use regex for callstack parsing
  • added Traditional Chinese localization
  • environment info is now posted in signal notices
  • fixed bug where some delegate methods weren't called on the main thread
  • added app version to notice payload for filtering