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Stockholm Emacs Meetup: The Revival

1 Welcome & Schedule

1.1 Welcome to Stockholm Emacs Meetup: The Revival

  • This is the 8th meetup in this groups history
  • Last was held at 2016-12-07 by Nicolas
  • I took ownership of the group 2018-04-21

1.2 Todays Schedule

  • Elis Hirwing - Advanced and magic git usage in Emacs made simple
  • Adisbladis - Managing emacs environments with nix
  • Kim Lindberger - Using emacs as a C++ IDE
  • Anders Lindgren - Some emacs packages
  • Lightning talks where you can show highlights from your Emacs config

2 Introduction

2.1 Who am I?

My name is Elis Hirwing and I live here in Stockholm.

I’ve been using Emacs for about 10 years. Some parts of the configuration is probably almost the same as it was 10 years ago. But I’ve been migrating between repositories and configuration formats over time.

2.2 My modes

3 Magit

3.1 Magit – A Git Porcelain inside Emacs


Graphical introduction to git: Learn Git Branching

[ insert live demo here ]

4 The end

4.1 The end

We plan to have the next meetup during the spring, but at this point in time we don’t have a place to be or a date. But we’ll keep you posted in the meetup group.