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Added more detail to black box tests readme

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-The tests in this section are "black box" tests or, put another way, tests
+Blackbox tests
+The tests in this section are _"black box"_ tests or, put another way, tests
which test the system as a whole without concerning the code behind the module.
To run the tests, you will need to have node installed (obviously!) and have a
@@ -7,10 +10,26 @@ library. The tests have all been verified with python 2.5.
The tests require the testing server to be running. In the current directory:
-$ node test-server.js
+ $ node test-server.js
+Sequential tests
+These tests probe the functionality of the server in a sequential manner, i.e.
+each test is run one after the other. These tests cover all of the underlying
+javascript code from an external perspective. To run them:
+ $ python
+If you want more information, do:
+ $ python -v
-Then you can run the tests that you want:
+The second set of tests are the concurrency tests. These verify that multiple
+clients can access the server at the same time. They are quite intensive as 300
+threads are spawned to simulate multiple connections. The output shows each
+thread being created and then finishing up. To run:
-$ python <name of test>.py.
+ $ python
-For unit tests, see the "unit tests" section.
+For unit tests, see the _"unit tests"_ section.

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