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Made to handle piped in data as well as file args.
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Made to handle piped in data as well as file args.


To upload 'file.txt', you would type ./pomf file.txt

The real magic comes in with pipes though. For example, if you wanted to paste your uptime for someone you could do uptime | ./pomf. Or perhaps you have an image on your clipboard and want to upload it... Only a xclip -o | ./pomf away.

Why make another?

The other command line uploaders I looked at on the tools page, notably the Simple Bash Uploader, did not handle pipes at all. I wanted pipes. I also wanted it to get extensions right from pipes which was another task to itself.

What's wrong with this one?

Requires ruby (not a default install on many distros) and doesn't have highly informative error messages, multi-file uploading, or anything else complicated.

The code for figuring out extensions is also hacky, but I'm not sure there's a better solution.

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