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Script to automatically claim I_Score and send out available balance (mainly usable by P-Reps)
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ICX AutoSender

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This is a spinoff version of ICX AutoStaker with goal to claim I_Score automatically and send out all available balance (keeping 0.5 ICX reserve). This is useful mainly for P-Reps to move their rewards away from the P-Rep node to make it less interesting target or to minimize losses if compromised.

Linux Setup (Ubuntu 18.04)

Install T-Bears and its dependancies:

sudo apt update && sudo apt -y upgrade && sudo apt -y install pkg-config python3-pip libsecp256k1-dev && pip3 install tbears

Download ICX AutoSender:


Export your keystore from ICONex and copy it to the same directory. Now open and edit variables keystore, password, myICXaddress and sendTo on the top. Warning: use this only on a secure system! If your keystore in combination with password leaks, you might lose all your ICX!

You can now execute AutoSender:

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