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# This script invokes, takes in a long list of AMI IDs,
# and keeps track of results. The results of each attempted AMI launch
# is logged in a separate file, AMI-xxxxxxxx.log, and the cumulative results
# are sent to stdout. It's kind of a combination config file and batch
# manager.
# 100. Set up defaults. The following values are sample values and
# should be changed.
# 200. Start looping through IDs.
for AMI_ID in "$@"
# Run the AMI launcher.
# Tries to bundle by default; add --no-bundle to stop this.
# Terminates all created instances by default; add --no-terminate to stop this.
# Deletes Euca images by default; add --keep-image to stop this.
./ \
--aws-login "bitnami" \
--aws-ami ${AMI_ID} \
--aws-creds ${AWS_CREDS} \
--aws-key-file ${AWS_KEY_FILE} \
--aws-key-id ${AWS_KEY_ID} \
--euca-creds ${EUCA_CREDS} \
--euca-key-file ${EUCA_KEY_FILE} \
--euca-eki ${EUCA_EKI_ID} \
--euca-eri ${EUCA_ERI_ID} \
--no-terminate \
--keep-image \
--euca-key-id ${EUCA_KEY_ID} 1>logs/${AMI_ID}.log 2>logs/${AMI_ID}.err
# Print results based on return code.
case $? in
0) echo "${AMI_ID} ok" ;;
2) echo "${AMI_ID} ERROR-2 could not source aws creds" ;;
5) echo "${AMI_ID} ERROR-5 instance was not launched (no rights to AMI?)" ;;
10) echo "${AMI_ID} ERROR-10 euca instance failed to enter running state" ;;
20) echo "${AMI_ID} ERROR-20 could not ssh to aws instance" ;;
30) echo "${AMI_ID} ERROR-30 could not scp to aws instance" ;;
40) echo "${AMI_ID} ERROR-40 could not install euca2ools on aws instance" ;;
45) echo "${AMI_ID} ERROR-45 could not source euca creds from aws" ;;
50) echo "${AMI_ID} ERROR-50 bundle operation failed" ;;
55) echo "${AMI_ID} ERROR-55 euca emi id not found" ;;
60) echo "${AMI_ID} ERROR-60 could not source euca creds locally" ;;
65) echo "${AMI_ID} ERROR-65 euca instance was not launched" ;;
70) echo "${AMI_ID} ERROR-70 euca instance failed to enter running state" ;;
75) echo "${AMI_ID} ERROR-75 could not ssh to euca instance" ;;