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Table of Contents


There are two classes of documents to which it is appropriate contributing here: See Document Definitions


The contents of this repository are reviewed and, to that end, all changes should be submitted as a pull request: Fork & Pull.

  1. Synchronize your fork with this repository.
  2. Make your changes (NOTE: See Formats and Organization below for restrictions/expectations).
  3. Commit to your forked repository.
  4. Submit a pull request.
  5. Be patient and contented.


Broadly, this repository should have version-able source materials except when not available (e.g., third party PDF documentation).

  • Text: must be renderable through the github interface
  • Graphics: must be text-based so a compile step is not only acceptable, but required.
  • Binary files: may be committed in the cases that:
    1. A binary output format (e.g., images) is needed: In this case, it has to be compilable from a text-based and versioned file.
    2. A reference document or tool is included: These belong in specific places noted below.
  • Auto-generated: A number of files in this repo are automatically generated **DO NOT EDIT THEM DIRECTLY**
    1. Any binary file is either auto-generated or 3rd-party.
    2. Surely more of them go here...

Text Format Note

The remainder of this document uses the suffix .wiki to identify a generic file which can be rendered using github-markup.

To use github-markup see the directions at the github-markup repository.

The currently supported and seemingly reasonable formats are:

  • .markdown, .mdown, .md -- gem install redcarpet (
  • .textile -- gem install RedCloth
  • .mediawiki -- gem install wikicloth
  • .asciidoc -- brew install asciidoc

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