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<!--This work by Eucalyptus Systems is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. See the accompanying LICENSE file for more information.-->
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<title>Add an Image</title>
<p>An image is the basis for instances that you spin up for your computing needs. If you have
access to images that meet
your needs, you can skip this section. This section explains how to add an image to your
Eucalyptus cloud that is customized for your needs.</p>
<p>There are a few ways you can add an image to Eucalyptus:</p>
<li><b>Add an image based on an existing image.</b> If you have an image already, read the rest of this
section. Eucalyptus has stock images available to help you get started right away. You
can find links to these images in the Dashboard's start page. You can also get images
from the <xref href=""
format="html" scope="external">Eucalyptus Machine Images</xref> page.</li>
<!-- <li>Add an image from Amazon EC2.</li>-->
<li>Add an image that you modify from an existing image. If you have an image that you want to
modify, see <xref href="image_modify.dita"/>.</li>
<li>Add an image that you create. If you want to create a new image, see
<xref href="creating_images.dita"/>.</li>
<p>Each of these three ways has a different first step, but the way you get image to Eucalyptus is
the same. To enable an image as an executable entity, you do the following:</p>
<li>Bundle a root disk image and kernel/ramdisk pair</li>
<li>Upload the bundled image to Walrus bucket storage</li>
<li>Register the data with Eucalyptus</li>
<note type="important">Note that while all users can bundle, upload and register images, only the administrator has the required permissions to upload and register kernels and ramdisks.</note>
<p>Once you have an image that meets your needs, perform the
tasks listed in this section to add the image to your cloud.</p>
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