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<!--This work by Eucalyptus Systems is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. See the accompanying LICENSE file for more information.-->
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<task outputclass="docs one-sidebar sidebar-first" id="create_vol">
<title>Create a Block Volume</title>
<p>You can create a dynamic block volume with data from a snapshot stored in Walrus or as a new blank volume with no data.</p>
<note type="tip">Before you create a volume, make sure that the volume is large enough to hold the image
you wish to boot.</note>
<p>To create a block volume:</p>
<cmd>Enter the following command to create a new blank volume:</cmd>
<codeblock>euca-create-volume --zone &lt;partition_name> --size &lt;volume_size></codeblock>
<li><codeph>zone</codeph> is the availability zone to create the volume in</li>
<li><codeph>size</codeph> is the size of the volume in GBs</li>
<stepresult>Eucalyptus returns returns the volume ID for the new volume.</stepresult>
<cmd>Enter the following command to check whether the volume is ready:</cmd>
<codeblock>euca-describe-volumes &lt;volume_id></codeblock>
<stepresult>Eucalyptus returns information about the volume's availability.</stepresult>
<p>For example:</p>
<codeblock>euca-create-volume --zone zone1 --size 10</codeblock>
<postreq>You are now ready to <xref href="attach_vol.dita"/>.</postreq>
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