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<!--This work by Eucalyptus Systems is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. See the accompanying LICENSE file for more information.-->
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<title>Add Image to Eucalyptus</title>
<draft-comment>Think about tying this back into single bundle narrative for all image
creation topics.</draft-comment>
<p>To enable an image as an executable entity, you must bundle and upload the Windows disk
image to Walrus, and then register the uploaded image with Eucalyptus.</p>
<cmd>Run the following command to bundle, upload, and register your Windows disk image:</cmd>
<codeblock>euca-bundle-image -i &lt;vm_image_file>
euca-upload-bundle -b &lt;image_bucket> -m /tmp/&lt;vm_image_file>.manifest.xml
euca-register &lt;image_bucket>/&lt;vm_image_file>.manifest.xml</codeblock>
<result>Your Windows image is now ready to run as an instance.</result>
<postreq>After you register the image, Walrus decrypts the image bundle. This process might
take a few minutes for a large Windows image to be decrypted. For example, a 10G image
requires that you wait about 10 minutes before you launch the instance.</postreq>
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