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+This repository contains the installation, administration, user, and reference
+documentation for Eucalyptus. It includes files for generating guides published
+on the Eucalyptus website (
+Contributing to Eucalyptus
+Eucalyptus welcomes all people interested in cloud computing. We recommend that
+you connect with other Eucalyptus users or get actively involved with Eucalyptus
+development, including documentation.
+The Eucalyptus IRC channel is #eucalyptus on Freenode. This channel is used for
+real-time communication among users and developers. Information about how to use
+the network is available from Freenode
+The Eucalyptus community mailing list is This
+list is used for user discussions, problem reports, and other communications.
+Information about how to subscribe is available at
+Building Documentation
+If you want to generate HTML or PDF from the files in this repository, perform
+the following tasks:
+ * Make sure that you have Java and ANT.
+ * Create environment variables for DOC_HOME (path to where the euca directory
+ is), DITA_HOME (path to the euca/DITA-OT directory), JAVA_HOME, and
+ * In the file for the guide you want to build, change the
+ pdf.formatter value from xep to fop:
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ pdf.formatter=fop
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ * Run the shell script DITA-OT/ (or startcmd.bat in Windows) to set
+ up the necessary environment variables.
+ * In the same shell window, change directories to the directory you want to
+ generate documentation for.
+ * Enter ant and the type of output you want (pdf or xhtml):
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ ant pdf
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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