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As per ticket, improve the NetApp pre-config section for use on newer filers.


Merged, thanks!

Scot Marvin and others added some commits Apr 2, 2013
Scot Marvin Adding back in the e2ools_version conref that I deleted during a merge. 4030233
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of 606176e
Scot Marvin DOC-670: moving admin command section from E2ools guide to appendix i…
…n admin guide. Also inserting "Eucalyptus" in user guide--which I seemed to have clobbered in a merge.
Scot Marvin Update to style guide: adding terms page and EBS entry. ccdb99c
Scot Marvin DOC-790: Adding new files and editing ditamap. Finished draft for euw…
…atch-get-stats, along with euwatch common parameters.
scottb Adding console page help content. 666d32e
Scot Marvin DOC-672: Adding new CW files and editing ditamap for them. 647afc6
Scot Marvin DOC-790: Finishing up command. 39f9d08
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of 8bfb959
Scot Marvin DOC-790: adding new command and ditamap edit to include it. f00d51d
Scot Marvin DOC-790: Adding file and editing ditamap. 44a8046
Scot Marvin DOC-790: more CW commands. 84582f4
scottb Work-in-progress draft of euscale section and euscale-create-auto-sca…
…ling-group topic.
scottb Adding drafts of more euscale commands f779269
Scot Marvin DOC-790: Update to comamnd. 31a88c2
Scot Marvin DOC-790: Final CW commands and ditamap changes for new commands and a…
…lpha order.
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of fd42c51
scottb Adding additional euscale commands. 0349684
Scot Marvin DOC-672: Edits to conceptual narratives. affdec3
Scot Marvin DOC-672: edits and new files for concept rewrite. fd74da3
Scot Marvin DOC-672: More edits 841fcaa
Scot Marvin DOC-672: adding available metrics section. 565cbcb
Scot Marvin DOC-672: adding metrics and dimensions files 7c614ec
scottb Updated/added tagging content to console help pages. 84422e1
scottb Merge branch 'master' of 98120ab
Scot Marvin DOC-672: adding files for metric reference 5f350f5
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of dbeac0d
Scot Marvin DOC-672: general copy edits and structural changes b2ab5d0
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-802 90904bb
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-803 f0935c2
scottb Typo fix 39894b4
Scot Marvin DOC-672: Finishing up concepts. Adding content to tasks. cde81ad
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of ee835d8
Scot Marvin DOC-672: CloudWatch tasks e8123fe
Scot Marvin DOC-672: Adding alarm task content and quick fix for Euca2ools build. 2bbf39a
@noirin noirin Migration topics added to admin and user guide! 308ebbf
@noirin noirin Editing per Scot's comments b0bfbde
Scot Marvin DOC-672: Task content for CloudWatch 2cfff2c
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of 2daf860
scottb Work-in-progress: adding content to euscale tasks. 181534c
@noirin noirin Removing migration content from User Guide per Dima 97eb071
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://…
@noirin noirin Fixes per Dima & Scot 6f8682b
scottb Adding euscale task content. b8707f8
scottb Fixed typo. b0a2cde
scottb Added more euscale task content. 904d13d
scottb Typo fixes. 5915b2c
@noirin noirin Vasya's edits 0d3e553
scottb Additional editing/refinement of euscale content. a9ae8f7
Scot Marvin DOC-672: new task files 26112b7
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of f17f25c
scottb Updated with actual tested command line examples and output. 7b12428
scottb Merge branch 'master' of 479c21b
scottb Adding euscale commands. 6f2dafb
Scot Marvin DOC-672: Available metrics for ELB c919c13
scottb Adding euscale commands. dd7c08c
scottb Adding euscale commands to CLI guide 418a7a6
Scot Marvin DOC-672: updates to metrics and dimensions content 3c707fc
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'master' of 7a596ab
@mspaulding06 mspaulding06 Update version references and a couple minor edits 33ca0fb
@mspaulding06 mspaulding06 One more reference substitution 6e23333
scottb Adding euscale commands. 5c595ab
scottb Adding more euscale commands. 8d96cce
scottb Adding another batch of euscale commands. WIP. c3038fd
Scot Marvin DOC-672: Edits to CloudWatch concepts. 1dc0cda
scottb Added euscale-put-scaling-policy command. 89c0a4e
scottb Added euscale-put-scaling-policy to TOC b3ba74a
Scot Marvin Deleting groupinstall step in upgrade section, per gholms. 2dd7c2a
Scot Marvin DOC-676: Redoing narratives for instance concepts and overview, so I …
…have a good place to put the VM types narrative.
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of 93b2fb6
scottb Typo fixes & general sprucing up. 46943e3
scottb Added euscale-put-scheduled-update-group-action;
added line breaks to some examples for legibility.
scottb Fixed some parameters. 7ceef53
scottb A few more pre tech-review edits. d49fe4d
@hspencer77 hspencer77 Added additional documentation infomration to resolve DOC-824, DOC-82…
…0 adn DOC-779
scottb Updated landing page helps to include expand-os e0fc015
@hspencer77 hspencer77 Added clearer documentation regarding filters for users and groups - …
…DOC-779; cleaned up a few copy and paste errors in the users, groups dita.
scottb Updating euca2ools euascaling examples and output. 9221f0a
scottb Fixed DOC-479: changed example domain name. 68cd945
scottb Added page help for for the register snapshot as image dialog 8afecb0
Scot Marvin DOC-676: more restructuring of the instances section. d361add
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of 000fe0a
scottb Updating euscale concepts and tasks per tech review; fixed example de…
…scription in euscale-execute-policy command topic
scottb Updated euscale documentation per tech reviews 3ac47bf
scottb Reinstating NetApp section that was nuked in merge e9c86c8 22f6759
scottb Added new configurable properties for NetApp 363a447
scottb Broke into sections for readability a5d0eba
Scot Marvin DOC-676: Fixing what I broke. 9131d5e
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of 2bb8496
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-836 in 3.3, not fixed in 3.2 c468400
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://…
Scot Marvin Fixing build issue. 5d05201
@noirin noirin Adding EUCA3 Item Bank for Jason c88245b
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://…
scottb Incorporated tech review comments for new NetApp SAN properties e74c93f
@noirin noirin ELB example tasks 75f7e78
Scot Marvin DOC-676: Content edits and additions, including new file for VM types…
… we support.
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of ab5155a
Scot Marvin Fixing build bug caused by content mistake: moving filter ditaval fro…
…m filters section to options section.
Scot Marvin and others added some commits May 24, 2013
Scot Marvin Updating services in Eucalyptus overview section of install guide. 445f559
scottb Moving modifiable properties list out of the euca2ools guide and back…
… into the admin guide.
scottb Initial rough draft of Dell Equallogic multipathing config c42861c
@noirin noirin Typo fix 7de0bd3
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of f990790
Scot Marvin DOC-671: Edits from technical review. 66b794f
@noirin noirin Adding LB listeners 2939433
@noirin noirin Finishing ELB tasks 9db5dbb
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://…
…tation into ELB
@awithrow awithrow Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into rn-known-issues b5efaea
Scot Marvin DOC-672: edits from technical review 03a3542
@awithrow awithrow Added KIs for the following:
EUCA-5901	(DOC-822)
TOOLS-298	(DOC-805)
EUCA-3909	(DOC-832)
TOOLS-44	(DOC-841)
TOOLS-294	(DOC-848)
BROKER-36	(DOC-857)
EUCA-4847	(DOC-859)
EUCA-6400	(DOC-861)

Fixed Euca2ools KI list table format.
Removed fixed issues from Euca2ools KI list.
Scot Marvin DOC-672: more edits from tech review 25bec00
scottb Added initial drafts of NetApp multipathing and ONTAP cluster-mode su…
scottb Partial fix for DOC-730 11cb4dc
scottb Added 'miscellaneous' drop-down functions to dashboard navigation hel…
…p page.
@awithrow awithrow Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into rn-known-issues 5a1a391
@awithrow awithrow Added EUCA-6366 (DOC-866) and EUCA-6228 (DOC-867) to the RN. 4068e27
@awithrow awithrow Made updates to IG, System mode section for DOC-862 5882d54
Scot Marvin DOC-651: version ditaval created; admin, and reporting commands moved 7f30111
Scot Marvin Edits for ELB requirement of only Managed or Managed (No VLAN). d28d1cb
scottb Finished fix for DOC-730; consolidated CC restart sections; reworded …
…loss of connectivity warning in caching images on CC topic
scottb Resolves DOC-806: updated multipathing example paths 9cd8c0b
scottb DOC-730-related: removed a reference to clean restart in the 'trouble…
…shooting instances' section; added note about temporary connectivity loss
scottb Added smart search bar info to landing page help c84036b
scottb Added (very) rough draft of an entire new section on euca2ools config…
… files based on gholms tech review of initial topic.
scottb Initial tech review edits for NetApp cluster mode topic - WIP. 097f1b3
scottb Incorporated tech review feedback. 58eb4c7
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://…
Scot Marvin Deleting a space in the codeblock a50db88
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of 67ea168
Scot Marvin DOC-672: Finalized common options for CloudWatch commands 4b5871b
scottb More tech review edits to euca2ools config file section 8f062aa
scottb Merge branch 'master' of d27d731
Scot Marvin DOC-767: changes to filenames and paths to reflect new directory stru…
…cture in web-docs
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of 4c6a404
scottb Updated NetApp SAn setup and multi path instructions per tech review c41ca05
scottb Merge branch 'master' of 8e6d377
scottb Incorporating additional tech review comments. b70c8a8
scottb Incorporating tech review feedback. 36deee5
scottb Updated common options per DOC-875. 741d5fe
scottb Added NetApp Clustered ONTAP topic to advanced storage section. 7025b5e
scottb Fixed some broken refs. 3a07656
scottb Tech review stragglers. 89e75f1
scottb Grammar antialasing. 24530cf
Scot Marvin DOC-863: taking out Euca 2 section b5b0417
@noirin noirin Grammar fix 24b4bdb
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-807 0491b7d
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://…
@awithrow awithrow Added DOC-830 (EUCA-5979, EUCA-5980) and DOC-882 (EUCA-6389) to the RN. 619abf2
@noirin noirin Fixes DOC-845 cac842d
@noirin noirin Fixed DOC-828 9dd18c1
Scot Marvin DOC-793: resolved issues 69050b6
@awithrow awithrow Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into doc-877,878 6f99686
@awithrow awithrow Added DOC-877 (EUCA-6462) and DOC-878 (EUCA-6456) to the RN. b87f3cc
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-876 ae2b359
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://…
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-864 9130711
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-808 6fa03f9
Scot Marvin DOC-793: edits to resolved issues. 78471eb
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-874 309c1d1
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://…
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-856 62c31d9
@awithrow awithrow Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into rn-updates d6e0b8c
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-870 761e0e0
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'doc-882,830' of git:// bf0762e
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'doc-877,878' of git:// 920ff9a
@awithrow awithrow Removed a bunch of Known issues that shouldn't be there. 26493cf
@awithrow awithrow Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into doc-819 13befc5
@awithrow awithrow Addresses DOC-819. Removed reference to -f option. 33e10e3
Scot Marvin Fixing broken HTML build for Euca2ools Guide. 844c075
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of 1f3eb3a
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-880 ddba5b0
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://…
@noirin noirin Fixing version numbers 7a0c372
@noirin noirin Removing version number per Swathi 35f075b
@noirin noirin Edits and updates per Swathi 9aafdf5
@noirin noirin Minor correction per Swathi 3a0c5e8
@noirin noirin Removing old Resolved Issues, per DOC-883 62a32f7
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-884 8831a97
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-872 da933b9
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'rn-updates' of git:// b52f594
@noirin noirin Merge branch 'doc-819' of git:// ba6eb89
@noirin noirin Fixing DOC-854 359daa9
@noirin noirin Removing list, per GregDek 8f92fad
Scot Marvin DOC-762: edits to HTML templates and CSS file to reflect new styles a…
…nd content in website.
Scot Marvin Merge branch 'master' of 5ebbe98
Scot Marvin DOC-762: More HTML template edits and removing Drupal CSS references 5be8936
scottb Fixed DOC-870 5a45b57
scottb Fixes DOC-810: noted JVM 7 requirement for 3.3 ee313f1
scottb Fixes DOC-835: notes that user console should only be run against a E…
…ucalyptus install of the same version.
scottb Fixes DOC-887: added note on installing Dell Equallogic libs package. 516c87d
scottb Fixed DOC-886: added NetApp SAN chap user step to upgrade instructions. aca196d
scottb Fixed DOC-791: NetApp user has to set chapuser explicitly after upgrade. 61a114b
scottb Fixed incorrect KI header 79ae810
scottb Added draft of new create bfEBS image topic - in tech review. 545b843
@lwade lwade DOC-823 2d64d52
@lwade lwade Remove keymap stuff too 3c4b9d6
@lwade lwade Tweak wording. d1b7430
@smarvin smarvin closed this Aug 26, 2014
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