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Eucalyptus client API tools. Compatible with Amazon EC2 and IAM APIs
Python Shell

Log a warning when only one of -U and --ec2-url is used

Running euca-install-image with -U/--url only updates the S3 URL it
uses, not the EC2 URL.  If an EC2 URL is available from configuration or
the environment this could result in it talking to two different regions
and the assortment of confusing issues that can result, so when only one
of -U/--url and --ec2-url is used we now log a warning to help identify
this case.

See EUCA-10984 for an example of the case this addresses.
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Euca2ools are command line tools used to interact with Amazon Web
Services (AWS) as well as other services that are compatible with AWS,
such as Eucalyptus.  They aim to use the same input as similar tools
provided by AWS for each service individually along with several
enhancements that make them easier to use with multiple clouds at once.

Euca2ools provide the functionality of AWS's REST-based and Query-based
APIs for the following services:

- Auto Scaling           (2011-01-01) (commands start with "euscale")
- CloudFormation         (2010-05-15) (commands start with "euform")
- CloudWatch             (2010-08-01) (commands start with "euwatch")
- EC2                    (2014-06-15) (commands start with "euca")
- Elastic Load Balancing (2012-06-01) (commands start with "eulb")
- IAM                    (2010-05-08) (commands start with "euare")

The source code comes with man pages that provide basic documentation.
Running a command with --help will also provide information on how to
use that specific command.  For more detailed documentation, see the
online euca2ools documentation at

For installation instructions, consult the INSTALL file that accompanies
the source code.

For a copy of the latest version of euca2ools, visit

To obtain the latest development source code for euca2ools, visit  Pull requests are welcome
and appreciated.  By submitting code to this project you agree that code
will be licensed under the 2-clause BSD license.  A copy of this license
is included in the COPYING file that accompanies the source code.
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