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Euca2ools: Command-line tools for interacting with Amazon EC2 and S3
API-compatible Web services using the REST/Query API.
Euca2ools are command-line tools for interacting with Web services that
export a REST/Query-based API compatible with Amazon EC2 and S3 services.
The tools can be used with both Amazon's services and with installations
of the Eucalyptus open-source cloud-computing infrastructure. The tools
were inspired by command-line tools distributed by Amazon (api-tools and
ami-tools) and largely accept the same options and environment variables.
However, these tools were implemented from scratch in Python, relying on
the Boto AWS library and M2Crypto toolkit.
Here is the summary of the tasks that can be accomplished with these tools:
- Query of availability zones (i.e. clusters in Eucalyptus)
- SSH key management (add, list, delete)
- VM control (start, list, stop, reboot)
- Security group management (firewall configuration)
- Volume and snapshot management (attach, list, detach, create, bundle, delete)
- Image management (bundle, upload, register, list, deregister)
- IP address management (allocate, associate, list, release)
- Console output retrieval
Please, consult the INSTALL file for instructions on installation
and running the tools. COPYING file covers the legal matters, such
as the license. For more information, please see:
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