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Eucalyptus Cloud-computing Platform
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Latest commit 762505a Evan Thomas EUCA-11208 Fixed issues with physicalResourceId in Cloudformation. Re…
…moved 'internalPhysicalResourceUuid' from StackResourceEntity as its purpose was flawed. Added 'fromUpdateReplacement' from StackResourceEntity to indicate during rollback or cleanup that an update with replacement has occurred. Changed rollback and cleanup logic accordingly. Added the field 'createdEnoughToDelete' to replace the physicalResourceId check to see if a resource has been created enough to delete.
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admin-tools bumped version to 4.3.0
clc EUCA-11208 Fixed issues with physicalResourceId in Cloudformation. Re…
cluster Provide a message if a destination can't be found for migration.
devel Merge remote-tracking branch 'kimtaehee/master'
doxygen Fix typos in comment
extras Tweak GPL headers
gatherlog Fix issue with duplicate constantes
m4 Don't blow up when python 3 happens to be installed
net Address EUCA-11748 and EUCA-11928
node EUCA-11970 - Remove check for environment variable to gate startup of…
project Fixes compilation warnings and code indentation
storage Removed storage/imager.
tools Removed storage/imager.
util CC, NC - support multiple ENIs in run instances path
wsdl CC, NC - support multiple ENIs in run instances path
.cproject Merge of 4.1 into 4.2
.gitignore EUCA-11970 - Remove check for environment variable to gate startup of…
.project Add Eclipse Make Project files
INSTALL EUCA-11820 "Fix INSTALL file's instructions to build and deploy from …
LICENSE Update license headers (once more, with feeling) Moving WS-security policies from keys directory
Makefile Use 0750 permission for /var/logs/eucalyptus directory.
VERSION EUCA-11635 Version Bump 4.2.1 added maintenence release version numbers
aclocal.m4 Bump python.m4 to a newer version
config.guess Add config.guess and config.sub
config.sub Add config.guess and config.sub
configure Removed storage/imager. Removed storage/imager.
install-sh from CVS


Eucalyptus Cloud Platform

Eucalyptus is open source software for building Amazon Web Services-compatible private and hybrid clouds.

Requirements and Technical Notes

* Eucalyptus is broken into five components: Cloud Controller, Walrus,
  Cluster Controller, Storage Controller, Node Controller. There is also
  an optional, proprietary VMware broker plugin, available from Eucalyptus
  Systems. These components are software services and are arranged in
  three layers: cloud, cluster, and nodes. You can install the components
  on the same physical server or on separate physical servers as business,
  security, and resource needs dictate.

* The Node Controller requires libvirt and either Xen or KVM.

* The libraries that Eucalyptus depends on are described in detail in
  the INSTALL file.

* You will have to choose one of several network modes, which are
  described in the installation guide. Your system's and network's
  requirements will vary based on which mode you choose.

* Generally, you will need two IP address ranges. The first range
  is private, to be used only within the Eucalyptus system itself. The
  second range is public, to be routable to and from end-users and VM
  instances. Both sets must be unique to Eucalyptus, not in use by other
  components or applications within your network. Static mode requires
  only one available IP address range, and system mode does not require
  an available IP address range.


Eucalyptus is published under version 3 of the GNU General Public License. For more information, see the LICENSE file.

Building Eucalyptus

For information about building Eucalyptus, see the INSTALL file.

Useful Information for Future Trivia Games

The product name "Eucalyptus" was originally an acronym, derived from "Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems."
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