Running Pre Baked Eucalyptus Console Image on Vagrant

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  • Be sure that there is no virtual box instance running
  • Be sure that the current working directory does not have the file "Vagrantfile"

Run Pre-Baked se34euca Image using Vagrant

Step 1. Initialize the pre-baked eucalyptus-console image on Vagrant:

vagrant box add euca-console

vagrant init euca-console

Step 2. Modify Vagrantfile to enable port-forwarding:

vim ./Vagrantfile

Modify the line below: :forwarded_port, guest: 8888, host: 8888

, which maps the localhost's port 8888 to the VM's port 8888

Step 3. Bring up the VM:

vagrant up

vagrant ssh

Step 4. Start Eucalyptus Console:

cd ./eucalyptus-console


** This image is already set to use 'mock' mode -- without real CLC backend.

Step 5. Access Eucalyptus Console via a Browser:


Vagrant Image with Eucalyptus Console + SE34EUCA + EUCA-MONKEY

For those who want the whole eucalyptus development environment package image, use the link below instead:

vagrant box add euca-console-plus

This image includes the eucalyptus console tester,

, and the eucalyptus resource populator via euca-monkey,