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Python daemon to convert Eucalyptus images
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What is this?

The eucalyptus-imaging-service is a service that is installed in the Eucalyptus Imaging EMI.


In order to use eucalyptus-imaging-service, you will need a few things:

  • A Eucalyptus EMI on which to install the service
  • ntp
  • python-boto >= 2.8.0
  • python-httplib2
  • python-lxml
  • python-m2ext
  • python-requests
  • sudo

Installing from the repository

To install the eucalyptus-imaging-worker package straight from the repository, run:

$ ./

This will create various directories and copy configuration files, as well as create a imaging-worker user account.

Starting the worker

The eucalyptus-imaging-worker service can be started by running:

$ service eucalyptus-imaging-worker start

Please Note: This service will not work unless it is running on a Eucalyptus instance that has been instantiated by the Eucalyptus Balancer service.

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