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*Thu Apr 30 2009 mayhem group (
* Elastic Block Store (EBS) support (volumes & snapshots)
* Walrus improvements:
o Support for groups in ACLS
o Fixed issues with meta data support
o Web browser form-based uploads via HTTP POST
o Object copying
o Query string authentication
o Support for arbitrary key names
o Compressed image downloads and fixes to image caching
o Reduced memory requirement
* Network improvement: new MANAGED-NOVLAN mode
* Node-side improvements:
o Support for the KVM hypervisor
o Compression & retries on Walrus downloads
o Reworked caching (now with configurable limit)
* Web UI improvements:
o Cloud registration with Rightscale (from admin's 'Credentials'
o New configuration options for Walrus
o Better screening of usernames
o Fixed account confirmation glitches
* Building and installation improvements
o Better Java installation checking
o New command-line administration: euca_conf -addcluster ...
-addnode ...
o Non-root user deployment of Eucalyptus
o Binary packages for more distributions (Ubuntu et al)
*Mon Jan 5 2009 mayhem group (
- Added new networking subsystem that no longer depends on VDE
- Added support for elastic IP assignment and security using the 'MANAGED'
networking mode
- Cluster controller scheduling policy can now be configured in
eucalyptus.conf (ROUNDROBIN and GREEDY currently supported)
- Cluster controller now handles concurrent requests (no longer have to
restrict apache to allow only one connection at a time)
- Added Walrus: a Amazon S3 interface compatible storage manager. Walrus handles
storage of user data as well as filesystem images, kernels, and ramdisks.
- Support for new operations:
- Reboot instance and get console output.
- Node Controller improvements:
- Retrieval of images from Walrus instead of NFS-mounted file system
- New caching and cleanup code, including start-time integrity checks
- On-the-fly script-based generation of libvirt XML configuration
- Script-based discovery of node resources (no assumptions about stat)
- MAX_CORES overrides actual number of cores both down and up
- Moved libvirt errors to nc.log and suppressed harmless ones
- Serialized some Xen invocations to guard against non-determinism
- Added proper swap creation, also "ephemeral" disk support
- More robust instance state reporting to Cluster Controller
- Web interface improvements:
- Added cloud/Walrus configuration, including clusters and VM types
- Revamped 'credentials' tab with new options to edit user information
and hide/show "secret" strings
- Editing of user information for the administrator, including
confirmation dialog for deletion of users
- User-initiated password recovery mechanism
- Fixed a couple of bugs: ' ' in username, spurious double additions
- Revamped logging throughout, with five levels a la log4j
- Cloud Controller:
- User, Cluster, and System keys are now stored in PKCS#12 keystores and have moved to var/lib/eucalyptus/keys
- Configuration is handled entirely through the web interface
- Clusters dynamically added/started/stopped
- Webservices operations complete up to EC2 2008-05-05 (w/o EBS):
- "Elastic IP" address support
- Image registration and attribute manipulation
- GetConsole and RebootInstances support
- Working Security Groups support for clusters in MANAGED network mode
- see website for additional details, extensions, and caveats:
- Instance Metadata service (including userData)
- Workaround to use standard tools for registering kernels & ramdisks
*Mon Jul 28 2008 mayhem group (
- Removed cloud, cluster controller and node controller and created their
own packages.
- Added the possibility of installing Eucalyptus from RPMs (without
- Implemented caching of the instances.
- More robust checking for running instances.
- Fix the instance ID naming collision.
*Tue Jul 01 2008 mayhem group (
- Added WS-security for internal communication
- Added URL Query Interface for interacting with Eucalyptus
- Cluster Controller improvements:
- Instance caching added to improve performance under
certain conditions
- Thread locks removed to improve performance
- NC resource information gathered asynchronously to
improve scheduler performance
- Network control improvements:
- Added ability to configure 'public' instance interface
network parameters (instead of hardcoded 10. network)
- Lots of reliability changes
- Cloud Controller improvements:
- Pure in-memory database
- Image registration over WS interface
- Improved build procedure
- Web interface improvements:
- For all users (query interface credentials, listing of
available images)
- For the administrator (addition, approval, disabling,
and deletion of users; disabling of images)
- Numerous bug fixes, improving stability and performance.
In particular, but not limited to:
- Recovering Cloud Controller system state
- Timeout-related error reporting
- Slimmer log files, with timestamps
*Sat May 21 2008 mayhem group (
- first release of eucalyptus
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