AWS SDK for Ruby testplan

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Tested Versions

AWS Ruby SDK 1.8.5/Euca Version 3.3m5

Test Code


GREEN Working
YELLOW Unknown
RED Not Working


  • EC2 Connection (Euca endpoint)
  • KeyPair CRUD
  • Run Instance
  • Terminate Instance
  • Security group CRUD
  • Describe Instances
  • Tag CRUD
  • Get Availability Zones
  • Instance Profile CRUD
  • Instance Status


  • S3 Connection (Euca endpoint)
  • Create Bucket
  • Put to Bucket
  • Get from Bucket
  • List Bucket
  • Delete Bucket
  • Version bucket

Auto Scale

  • AS Connection (Euca endpoint)
  • Create Launch Config
  • Delete Launch Config
  • Create AS Group
  • Update AS Group
  • Describe AS Instances
  • AS Policy CRUD
  • Execute policy
  • Trigger Alarm
  • Tag CRUD
  • Metric Submission to Cloud Watch
  • Get Metrics from Cloud Watch
  • Instance Health monitoring


  • ELB Connection (Euca endpoint)
  • Register instance with ELB
  • Add ELB to AS group
  • ELB instance health monitoring

Cloud Watch

  • CW Connection (Euca endpoint)
  • Put metric data
  • Get metric Data


  • IAM Connection (Euca endpoint)
  • Roles CRUD
  • Instance Profile CRUD

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