AWS compatibility

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Eucalyptus strives for 100% API compatibility with all AWS services that we currently support. Our goal is to be a "drop-in replacement AWS region", or as close to that as humanly possible.

To that end, we want to test against all AWS tools in the open source ecosystem, identify those places where we are compatible, and find and fix all places where we are not compatible. All issues should be filed against the AWS Compatibility component.

Golden: Just Works

Golden means a service "just works". Pointing region and credential variables of the service to a properly-configured Eucalyptus results in a near-perfectly working service.

Green: Works with Tweaks

Green means a service works well enough to be useful, though code tweaks are necessary and fully equivalent functionality may not yet be available. Problems with tools in the "green" state are considered bugs, and will be handled accordingly.

Red: Not working / Unknown

Red means that a service cannot be made to work without substantial modification, or at all -- or that status is completely unknown.

Other Projects

For reference and later testing.

AppScale   shaon Green
Scalr   Vic Iglesias Green
Stackato   Harold Spencer Jr. Green Image runs, and Stackato services work. More info: Stackato-Image
AWS .Net SDK   open    
AWS SDK for Android   open    
AWS toolkit for iOS   open    
JetS3t   open    
RightScale AWS Gems   open