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Andy Grimm

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Hi, I'm Andy (Also known as agrimm or a13m). I'm a Community Development Engineer at Eucalyptus. What does that mean, besides spending a lot of time with Greg DeKoenigsberg? Currently, it means:

  • watch for pull requests to the Eucalyptus github repo and wrangle those
  • manage our issue tracking system and make sure we're being as open as possible about bug & feature discussions
  • be involved in technical discussions and projects in the Eucalyptus community
  • work on getting Eucalyptus into Fedora 18

I hesitate to call myself an expert on anything, but my areas of focus with respect to Eucalyptus have been:

  • Eucalyptus upgrade process (i.e., Groovy and database voodoo)
  • Cloud image building (I hack around with ami-creator)
  • RPM packaging
  • Dealing with dependency updates (See our Fedora branch)

Prior to Eucalyptus, I spent 3+ years at rPath in various roles, 18 months at Ingres as the community guy, and 5 years as a Systems Administrator at LexisNexis.

Other fun facts:

  • I love baseball, restaurants, coffee, beer, Scrabble, cryptic crosswords, and card games
  • I still read a paper newspaper fairly often. I know it's weird.


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