EBS: Resize a Volume

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Resize an EBS Volume

You can resize an EBS volume by creating a new volume of the target size and copying the contents to the new volume by following these steps. # indicates commands on CLC, $ indicates commands inside a "scratch" instance:


  • A "scratch" instance running in your Eucalyptus cloud onto which you can attach volumes. This instance must have the "parted" package installed.
  • The source volume to be resized.


  1. Create a new volume with the target size. Say, 100GB:
# euca-create-volume -s 100 -z cluster01
  1. Attach both source and destination volumes to a "scratch" instance:
# euca-attach-volume -i i-SCRATCH vol-OLDVOLUME -d /dev/vdc
# euca-attach-volume -i i-SCRATCH vol-NEWVOLUME -d /dev/vdd
  1. Verify the attachments by logging into the scratch instance and running "fdisk -l" to determine the actual device names of the newly-attached volumes. Then, in the scratch instance, "dd" the contents of source volume (/dev/vdc) to destination volume (/dev/vdd):
$ dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdd bs=1M
  1. Rescan the partitions and then resize the partition and then resize the filesystem:
$ partprobe /dev/sdd
$ parted /dev/sdd rm 1
$ parted /dev/sdd mkpart primary ext2 0% 100%
$ e2fsck -f /dev/sdd1
$ resize2fs /dev/sdd1
  1. If this new volume is intended to be used as an EBS-backed image, log out of the scratch instance, detach the new volume, create a snapshot, and register it:
# euca-detach-volume vol-NEWVOLUME
# euca-create-snapshot vol-NEWVOLUME
# euca-register -n "resized BFEBS" --root-device-name /dev/vda -b /dev/vda=snap-XXXXXX