HowTo use s3cmd with Eucalyptus

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The s3cmd tool is a simple command line tool for accessing buckets in S3 (AWS) and Walrus (Eucalyptus).


Eucalyptus keeps a local fork of the [upstream ( s3cmd repository. To install:

git clone
cd s3cmd
python install

Configuration and Usage

A sample configuration is provided for reference; just save it as s3cfg on the system.

We need to modify the following 5 variables in this file, according to the private cloud configuration:

  • access_key
  • secret_key
  • host_base
  • host_bucket
  • service_path

To list buckets:

s3cmd -c s3cfg ls

To create a new bucket:

s3cmd -c s3cfg mb s3://newbucket

To upload a file into the new bucket:

s3cmd -c s3cfg put file.txt s3://newbucket

To list the contents of the new bucket:

s3cmd -c s3cfg ls s3://newbucket

To get the file from the new bucket:

s3cmd -c s3cfg get s3://newbucket/file.txt

To delete the object from the new bucket:

s3cmd -c s3cfg del s3://newbucket/file.txt

To delete the bucket:

s3cmd -c s3cfg rb s3://newbucket

Known Issues

There are no currently known issues with this tool.


If you have any questions about using Fog with Eucalyptus, please first check the knowledgebase.

If you do not find an answer in the knowledgebase, please ask a question.


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