Kexec Images

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Not all images will work with the Kexec-loader, but a lot will. Here's an updated list of images that will work with the Eucalyptus kexec kernel -- for some definition of "updated" and some definition of "work".

Image Description Image URL Last tested
Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal jeevan_ullas 10/26
Ubuntu Precise Pangolin jeevan_ullas 10/27
Ubuntu Lucid Lynx jeevan_ullas 10/27
CentOS 5.7 jeevan_ullas 10/27
CentOS 5.8 yarapavan 10/29
CentOS 6.3 monolive 11/15
Fedora 16 monolive 11/15
Fedora 17 monolive 11/15