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The Eucalyptus issue tracking system is currently hosted by Atlassian at . To report a bug, please create an account there using the "Sign Up" link on the login page.

Use the "Create New Issue" link to report an issue. The only mandatory fields are the Summary and Security fields, but we request that you fill in the following fields as well:

  • Affects Version/s: Choose the version(s) of Eucalyptus with which you reproduced this issue.
  • Security Level: For non-security issues, this should be "Public". For security issues, please set this to "Eucalyptus and Reporter".
  • Components: If it is clear which component(s) are involved in this problem, please select them. If you are unsure, leave this field blank.
  • Description: If the issue is reproducible, please provide the following:
    • Steps to reproduce
    • The expected outcome of the steps
    • The actual outcome (error message, stack trace, etc.)

NOTE: While the description field can be of arbitrary length, we ask that you put large text blocks such as log file data or large stack traces in attachments or separate comments, in order to keep the issue readable.

  • Hypervisor, Operating System, and Network Mode: Indicate which hypervisor, operating system and Eucalyptus network mode were being used when the issue occurred.
  • Environment: Any details that you can provide related to hardware, network configuration, exact package versions, or other details which may help us diagnose the issue.

Once you have reported a bug, you will automatically be notified on all changes to the bug. In particular, you should watch for any changes to the "Need Clarification" or "Waiting for Reporter" states, as those indicate that further progress on the issue cannot be made without more information from you, the reporter.

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