Swathi Gangisetty

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Hello world!

My name is Swathi and I'm a developer on the Storage Engineering team here at Eucalyptus. I recently orchestrated the end to end process for setting up a Keurig coffee machine and of course, I feel very accomplished at the moment. Besides setting up coffee machines, I try to make storage (metal boxes holding blinky harddisks) appear "Cloudy" in Eucalyptus.

I'm passionate about Infrastructure Software which means that I spent a lot of time around hot (not in a nice way) and noisy machines. So I love developing software that takes care of all the mundane stuff and presents you with the awesomeness of pure compute power. I joined Eucalyptus less than a year ago and I've had an amazing time so far writing code in Java, C, Python, Perl and Groovy. I really couldn't have asked for more.

If I've not bored you enough, come find me on the Eucalyptus IRC channel on Freenode. I go by the nick nightfury[0-9]* whenever I can get hold of it.


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