Testing patched build with RPM

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First, set up the build dep yum repository:

cat <<EOF >/etc/yum.repos.d/builddeps.repo

Download the source RPM:

wget -nd http://downloads.eucalyptus.com/software/eucalyptus/3.1/centos/6/source/eucalyptus-3.1.2-0.210.el6.src.rpm

Install rpm-build and the deps it assumes are present:

yum install -y rpm-build gcc make

Install the build requirements for the RPM using yum:

yum-builddep -y eucalyptus-3.1.2-0.210.el6.src.rpm

Install the source RPM:

rpm -ivh eucalyptus-3.1.2-0.210.el6.src.rpm

Run the rpm build process through the "compile" step:

cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
rpmbuild -bc eucalyptus.spec

Now you have a build in ~/rpmbuild/BUILD/eucalyptus-3.1.2 ... from here you can modify and recompile bits as need. I often test java changes by modifying source, running "make" in the clc directory, and then copying a single jar from clc/target into /usr/share/eucalyptus and restarting eucalyptus-cloud.