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Troubleshooting Tools

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This is a survey of all tools we are currently using to troubleshoot issues with Eucalyptus installations. This should include both pre-install infrastructure checks and post-install configuration verification, health checking, and gathering of support information for further escalation.

Already existing projects that incoporate Troubleshootiness

  • Chris Grzegorczyk's DevEUtils:
  • Tom Ellis' SOSreports hosted at the Dr. Euca project
  • Vic's EuTester script to gather system info:

Pre-install Checklist

Authors: Jason Eden, Tom Ellis, and Pavan Yara


  • Physical configuration - Network cables plugged into correct switches
  • IP address assignment
  • Public IP pool range assigned
  • Hostnames in DNS (or host lists maintained in /etc/hosts)
  • Multicast working between CLC, Walrus, and SC
  • Private Network - VLAN range assigned
  • No DHCP server running on the networks to be used by Euca (unless we are doing a SYSTEM install)
  • Network Bridges configured on the Node Controllers


  • ports open to front-end (8443, 8773, 8888, 53)


  • dedicated user/pass for eucalyptus
  • storage pools configured

OS Config

  • SElinux Disabled “getenforce” -> disabled or permissive
  • IPtables disabled
  • Bonding configured (optional)
  • sysctl setting (shmmax/semmni/etc.) sysctl -> nofile, file-max?
  • NTP (identical settings across servers?)
  • Ensure bind or dnsmasq are not running
  • NetworkManager disabled (preferably system-wide, but at least per interface for those to be used for Euca)
  • Preferably have their subscription package installed on all Euca nodes

Hypervisor Config

  • configuring br0 (for every mode except MANAGED)


  • SAN client package installed from SAN vendor, if applicable

Troubleshooting and Pre-install Checks for Walrus

Troubleshooting and Pre-install Checks for Storage Controller

Troubleshooting EBS/Volumes End-to-End

Pre-Installation Checklist (authored by Lee Rich)

Pre-Installation Checklist (version 3.0, so some outdated content)

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