Zach Hill

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Hello Gitosphere (I don't think that's a word, but it should be),

I'm a storage engineer at Eucalyptus. I spend my time wrangling walrussen (yes, we have had many heated debates on the plural form of "walrus") as well as working on the storage controller and SAN devices. I mostly write Java, but here at Eucalyptus one language is never enough, so I often use python, perl, or c for random tasks or fixes in the system. I have thus far avoided Groovy, but I doubt that will last for long, and will certainly wield it at some point for Groovy-goodness.

I've been a user of AWS since around 2007-2008 and I had followed Eucalyptus from its inception in academia. Cloud computing is just plain cool, regardless of which project it is. The fact that from my couch I an spin up a few thousand machines and summon more compute power than all of NASA had in the 1980s is amazing.

Ok, enough about me, back to making sure Walrus "can haz bukkits".