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This set of files is designed to be part of an installer package delivered
on a USB drive. The whole package fits easily on a 1GB drive.
>>> The latest version is in the centos6 directory and instructions are in the there.
These scripts perform an install with some assumptions which simplify the process and provide a stable starting point. We assume you have a fresh CentOS 5.6 install, configured on a network with a static IP. The cloud will use MANAGED_NOVLAN mode. All Eucalyptus components will be on one machine excepting the node controller. There will be 1 or more separate node controllers that are configured as part of a cluster. Here are some hardware requirements;
- 2 or more machines required
- 2 or more cores per machine
- 1 NIC per machine
- common network switch
- A set of free IP addresses (in the same subnet as the Eucalyptus machines) must be available for Eucalyptus to use.
- A large subnet (Class B, or full Class C preferably) of private address range should be made available for Eucalyptus.
- Eucalyptus maintains its own internal DHCP server, which issues IP addresses to Eucalyptus VMs.
- There should be no other DHCP server in the system that would issue an IP address to the VMs’ DHCP broadcast.
- text console connection to all machines (though, not at same time)
Install Process
Please refer to the FastStart Guide here:
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