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Changing this to be the broker script. Node script will be separate.

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1 parent fdd4c8c commit 6737f41cc0efa376c0fb39748408d39210fcfd07 Greg DeKoenigsberg committed Aug 3, 2012
@@ -54,8 +54,7 @@ yum -y install git rubygem-rake ntp 1>/tmp/06.out 2>/tmp/06.err
su builder -c "cd /home/builder ; git clone git:// /home/builder/crankcase" 1>/tmp/07.out 2>/tmp/07.err
su builder -c "cd /home/builder/crankcase" 1>/tmp/08.out 2>/tmp/08.err
cd /home/builder/crankcase/build ; rake build_setup 1>/tmp/09.out 2>/tmp/09.err
-cd /home/builder/crankcase/build ; rake build 1>/tmp/10.out 2>/tmp/10.err
-cd /home/builder/crankcase/build ; rake install_broker 1>/tmp/11.out 2>/tmp/11.err
+cd /home/builder/crankcase/build ; rake devbroker1>/tmp/10.out 2>/tmp/10.err
/bin/bash /root/boot-script.bash &

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