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Continuing to iterate on a cloud provisioner bootstrapper

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commit cf0b455e9001f8dd497c515efb4be069979ff3ec 1 parent 16112fe
Greg DeKoenigsberg authored
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  1. +17 −4 bootstrap/puppet/centos/
21 bootstrap/puppet/centos/
@@ -89,9 +89,10 @@ PUPPET=`which puppet`
GEM=`which gem`
# OK, with rubygems installed, install Fog, which is Ruby's cloud library.
-# We also need guid.
+# We also need guid and net-scp.
${GEM} install fog -v 0.7.2 1>/tmp/130.out 2>/tmp/130.err
${GEM} install guid 1>/tmp/140.out 2>/tmp/140.err
+${GEM} install net-scp 1>/tmp/145.out 2>/tmp/145.err
# Now install puppet-module so we can install modules directly from
# the Puppet module repository.
@@ -103,6 +104,11 @@ cd $(${PUPPET} --configprint confdir)/modules
# Now install the cloud_provisioner module!
puppet-module install puppetlabs/cloud_provisioner 1>/tmp/160.out 2>/tmp/160.err
+# OK, now set up Puppet to run in master mode.
+${PUPPET} master --mkusers --verbose
# After this, you still need to configure the system to actually provision some
# cloud instances, which means setting up your EC2/Euca credentials. To go on
# from here, check out:
@@ -110,7 +116,7 @@ puppet-module install puppetlabs/cloud_provisioner 1>/tmp/160.out 2>/tmp/160.err
-# Here's what I did to get the client working:
+# Subsequent steps to get working in AWS:
# export RUBYLIB=/etc/puppet/modules/cloud_provisioner/lib/:$RUBYLIB
# (to get the path working)
@@ -118,7 +124,14 @@ puppet-module install puppetlabs/cloud_provisioner 1>/tmp/160.out 2>/tmp/160.err
# (to ensure that it installed correctly, should get useful help)
# edit the .fog file to add key info
# (follow instructions at
-# FIXME: more here
+# euca-authorize -p 8140 default
+# (open port 8140 in the default group so puppet can talk)
+# cat "*" > /etc/puppet/autosign.conf
+# (open the gates for autosigning!) (hmm, not working.)
+# puppet node_aws create --image ami-94cd60fd --keyname amazon-ssh --type m1.small
+# (returned a running instance, hooah!)
+# (note: this alami does NOT work for the bootstrapper itself)
# * Add this module to global ruby load path
+# * File a bug getting cloud provisioner to support ALAMI as a target
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