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Guidelines to contributing to se34euca project

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Code Submission Framework

  1. Do a fork of Eucalyptus se34euca project (requires github account for information on how to set up a Github account, refer to the following URL: On information on how to fork a project, refer to the following link:

  2. Clone se34euca project from user's github account (example can be seen here => aliceh/se34euca) and checkout the branch: git clone"github-username"/se34euca.git

  3. Once the test case/code is ready, send out an email to notify all contributors that you are ready to submit changes/code. For major changes, such as code refactoring, allow 24 hours for everyone to answer. If no one objects, do a pull request to the se34euca project. For information on how to do a pull request in Github, refer to the following help link:

  4. Before code is merged into the main branch of se34euca project, it has to be reviewed.

If there are any questions on how to set up se34euca and create a test case script, please email to:

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