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A generalized installer for Eucalyptus that provisions from bare metal to cloud!
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About Silvereye

Silvereye is an automated installer for Eucalyptus 3. It is intended for quick cloud deployments for demos, testing, or PoCs. It is not intended for production deployments, nor is it supported by Eucalyptus.

Silvereye targets three very simple cloud topologies:

  • One "front end" with a single NIC, and one or more node controllers with a single NIC.
  • One "front end" with two NICs, "public" and "private", and one or more node controllers on the "private" subnet.
  • A "cloud-in-a-box", where the front end and a node controller reside on the same machine, with a single NIC.

In all of these scenarios, silvereye uses the "MANAGED-NOVLAN" networking mode in Eucalyptus, to avoid requirements for specific network switch hardware.

Silvereye does not yet support any other network modes, nor does it support the separation of the front end's components.


For the latest official Eucalyptus hardware requirements, please see

For demo purposes, smaller configurations are sometimes possible, though not recommended. If the target system has less than 2 GB of RAM or less than 35 GB of disk space, it is likely that the install will not produce a usable cloud. Other notes about the installation:

  1. Systems which run as node controllers (including "cloud-in-a-box" systems) must have CPUs which support Intel-VT or AMD-V, and this support must be enabled in the BIOS.
  2. Eucalyptus runs its own DHCP server. It can coexist with another DHCP server if the other server is configured to ignore all mac addresses that start with D0:0D. (Eucalyptus will only respond to mac addresses that start with D0:0D.)
  3. Each system must have a statically assigned IP address. This can be a DHCP reservation, but it must not change. IP address changes require database modifications which are currently unsupported.
  4. The front end and node controllers must be connected to the same subnet; it is okay for the front end to have a separate "public" and "private" network, where the node controllers should be on the "private" network.
  5. There must be a set of free IP addresses on the same network as the front end's "public" interface.

More documentation on Eucalyptus configuration can be found at:

Downloading an official ISO

Silvereye ISOs (rebranded as "FastStart" for official Eucalyptus releases) can be downloaded from

New features are being added in each release, so please reference the version-specific "FastStart Guide" at

Building an ISO

Running the script will generate a CentOS 6 based ISO. This build script has a large set of command-line options, all of which are documented in the help text.

The script requires that several packages be installed on your build system:

NOTE: If you don't want to build a full ISO, see the --no-iso option, which builds only the updates.img file.

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs at

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