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Project 2: Modern Apartment

project screenshot


  • Google VR SDK Version: 1.0
  • Deployed to iPhone


  • I added a direct light (sun), a few area lights and spot lights. One problem is the lighting looks unchanged in the scene when I rotate the lights.
  • Set all lights except for the direct light to be Baked.
  • Set the lightmap configuration according to the instructions in project review rubric.


  • Added the animation to the Globe. I unchecked the "Loop" in the Animation Controller (Globe) to make the Globe rotate only once when the button is clicked (triggered)

The Challenging Part

  • I spent some time and efforts to positioning the objects in the scene so they don't look "floating". What I did was zooming in the scene to look at the details of the objects, and look at from different perspectives to make sure they are at the expected positions.

  • Spent a lot time on the lighting part. In the first time when I worked on the project, the lighting disappered from the scene, although I didn't know exactly what operation caused that. Even after adding a direct light and a few area lights, the scene still look dark (not as light as it was in the starter project). In the end I created a new project and built the apartment again.

  • Animation: I tried to add the animation to the clock's handles. The animation doesn't take effect in the "Game" view. Then I found that was because the clock's handle was set as "Static". Only unstatic objects can have animations.