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Sublime Text 3 plugin to quickly open path from file on the same place or in the file manager
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This script allows you to quickly open file paths from the sublime text 3 in the same place or in the file manager.


Install this sublime text 3 package via [Package Control]: Through Command Palette Ctrl(Cmd) + Shift + P find Package Control: Install Package and install SEPath package.


To open file or folder, click on the path and press F5 key for Linux or Windows or through Command Palette Ctrl(Cmd) + Shift + P find SEPath: Open

To open specific path folder in the file manager, click on it and press Ctrl + F5 keys for Linux or Windows or through Command Palette Ctrl(Cmd) + Shift + P find SEPath: Open sub path folder

For OS X, you can add your own shortcuts in Preferences/Package Settings/SEPath/Key Bindings - User.

Key bindings template:

      "keys": ["Your shortcut"], 
      "command": "open"
      "keys": ["Your shortcut"],
      "command": "open_in_file_manager"


Settings are accessed via the Preferences/Package Settings/SEPath or through Command Palette Ctrl(Cmd) + Shift + P. To find them, write Preferences: SEPath Settings - User/Default and click on it.

By default you can open only full and relative path. For addition base path, you need to add base_folder_name or base_directories or all at once.

0. Settings template

	"base_directory_key" : ":/",
	"base_folder_name" : "data",
	"base_directories" : [


1. base_directory_key ("base_directory_key" : ":/")

The base directory key is a string that replaces a part of the full path.

Let the full path of the file look like this: /home/user/downloads/project/data/json/books.json. Replace the /home/user/downloads/project/data sub path with :/, where :/ is the base directory key. The final path can be written as: : /json/books.json.

root_replacement_key by default is :/.

2. base_folder_name ("base_folder_name" : "base folder name")

base_folder_name is the name of the folder that replaces the root. If the path of the current file does not contain one of the base_directories, then from the end of the current path, a folder with the base folder name will be searched. If a folder with this name is found, then in the path that was clicked, base_directory_key will be replaced with the full path to this folder.

3. base_directories [list] ("base_directories" : [base directory])

These settings are used to create different 'base_directories' for different projects.

	"base_directory_key" : ":/"
	"base_directories": [

4. base_directories [dict; not fully implemented] ("base_directories" : {"path, which sub path will be replaced" : "base directory path"})

	"base_directory_key" : ":/"
	"base_directories": {
		"/home/user/project/data0" : "",
		"/home/user/project/data1" : "/home/user/project/data2"


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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