Google Mirror API's Quickstart for Java
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Google Mirror API's Quickstart for Java

The documentation for this quickstart is maintained on Please see here for more information:

AppEngine Fork

The goal of this fork is to make the sample app run on Google AppEngine.

List of Notable Changes

  • Added AppEngine dependencies to Maven POM
  • Dropped direct Jetty dependency in favour of AppEngine
  • Replaced deprecated shared memory credential store with AppEngine's own based on Datastore


Edit appengine-web.xml and replace placeholders with your app ID and version. You also need to get oauth credentials to use Mirror API.

Build and test app on your computer with mvn appengine:devserver command.

Deploy your application into the cloud with mvn appengine:update command.



Code for this project is licensed under APL 2.0 and content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.