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Casper Two

Casper Two is a port of the Casper, the default personal blogging theme for Ghost. While a legacy version (v1.x) has already been ported to Hugo years ago, it is incompatible with the recent 2.x version. So I ended up porting this new Casper version.


Theme Demo


Inside the folder of your Hugo site run:

$ cd themes
$ git clone https://github.com/eueung/hugo-casper-two.git casper-two

For more information read the official setup guide of Hugo.

Sample Configuration

The following config.toml is used for the demo site.

baseurl         = "/"
theme           = "casper-two"
languageCode    = "en-US"
disqusShortname = ""
paginate        = 6
#SectionPagesMenu = "main"

  title       = "Hugo Casper Two"
  subtitle    = "Port of Casper 2.x for Hugo"

  cover       = "img/blog-cover.jpg"
  description = "Here is a description of your site."
  metaDescription = ""
  googleAnalytics = ""
  customCSS = []
  RSSLink = ""

  twitterName = "faketryghost"
  fbName = "fakeghost"
  githubName = "eueung"

  logo = "hugo-logo.png"
  orgName = "EM"
  orgWebsite = "https://www.telematika.org"
  orgDescription = "Here is a description placeholder for your org"

  author = "EM"
  authorAvatar = "img/ghost-icon.png"
  authorLocation = "Bandung, ID"
  authorWebsite = "https://eueung.github.io"
  authorDescription = "Describe yourself.."

  pageNotFoundTitle = "404 - Page not found"

  #casper or caspertwo
  singleViewStyle = "casper"

  post = "/:slug/"

  name = "Home"
  url = "/"
  weight = 200

  name = "Go"
  url = "/tags/golang/"
  weight = 100

  name = "Food"
  url = "/categories/food/"
  weight = 99

  name = "External"
  url = "https://google.com/"
  weight = 95

Sample content structure is given in the exampleSite folder. Have fun!

Screenshot Screenshot


This theme is released under the MIT license. For more information read the License.